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Danny Margulies, Direct Response Copywriter & Owner
Danny Margulies, Direct Response Copywriter & Owner High-Conversion Sales Writing

How often do you work with someone and feel like you got the maximum from the transaction? That’s exactly what it’s like to work with Opher. I enlisted his help in marketing an info product and was blown away! His work led to an optimized product and marketing funnel, and additional sales. The perfect result. As an online marketing professional myself, I know how difficult it can be to find someone in this space who is both talented and trustworthy; Opher proved to me that he has each of these qualities in spades. With opinions that were brutally honest (exactly what I needed) and insightful ideas that were specific and actionable, his help was invaluable on this project and I am extremely grateful.

Tammy Brown, Instrument Development Lab (IDL) Lead
Tammy Brown, Instrument Development Lab (IDL) Lead NASA/GSFC

Thank you so much for all your support to the IDL, and especially your technical insight on the atypical instruments that came through the lab. Your unique physics background was beneficial to the team’s understanding of those unique hardware assemblies, and your thorough documentation improved our study products. I looked through all the studies you contributed to, and it’s a significant body of work!

Dr. Vishal Shah, Founder & Chief Scientist
Dr. Vishal Shah, Founder & Chief Scientist QuSpin, Inc.

Opher did an amazing job on our proposal. He took personal interest, going above and beyond what was initially agreed upon, focusing on nothing other than ensuring project success. The proposal he delivered was exceptional, and I’m sure it played a large part in our selection for funding. I highly highly recommend hiring Opher when you want to get things done. I will certainly continue working with him.

Ron Engelman, Director
Ron Engelman, Director Krav Maga Defence Institute, Sydney, Australia

I cannot overstate how happy I am with Opher’s work. He did the research and gained an in-depth understanding of my business. He was patient and helped define and meet project objectives. He then surpassed my expectations with the extent of the work, its quality, and his speed of delivery. Not only did Opher go above and beyond, but his writing ability and professionalism are unmatched. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again.

Salvatore Buscemi, Managing Director
Salvatore Buscemi, Managing Director DandrewPartners, LLC

Opher showed incredible attention to detail and the ability to thoughtfully lay out complex ideas and concepts into a an eBook that will be used to give those who have no experience in the subject matter a primer. On a second financial eBook he wrote for us, Opher was able to clearly communicate concepts that are at first difficult to comprehend for some readers. I’ve now hired him twice, and will continue to work with him in the future.

Glenn Kempf, President
Glenn Kempf, President Glenn Kempf, LLC
Opher blends extensive systems engineering knowledge with a tremendous work ethic and strives for perfection. He was very easy to work with and thrived under pressure. He communicated status very effectively and consistently delivered high quality products to meet proposal milestones. He interfaced well with fellow team members and incorporated comments and suggestions into his work products. He was a tremendous asset to our proposal team and I would highly recommend him for future proposal efforts.
Larry Lutz, Electronics Engineer & Owner
Larry Lutz, Electronics Engineer & Owner International Data Devices, Inc.
Opher is a very hard working individual, who always operates in a professional manner. He is very good at thinking outside the box, when conventional ideas do not provide an adequate solution to a problem.
Clark Daily, Sr. Embedded Software Engineer Consultant
Clark Daily, Sr. Embedded Software Engineer Consultant Data Sciences International
I had the pleasure of working with Opher on the NASA Firefly mission. Opher was responsible for creating the requirements and specifications for the NASA scientific orbiting satellite sponsored by the National Science Foundation. With the design specifications created by Opher, the team was able to develop the flight firmware for the satellite using an MSP430 processor running on a CubeSat platform. The firmware was highly modular, with Opher’s design goal emphasizing reusability for future flight missions. Opher was involved in the Critical Design Review of the project, and was an invaluable domain knowledge expert. He was also involved in the writing of the test and verification plan and worked closely with the project’s principal investigator at NASA. Highly recommended.
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