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Services/Proposal Development

You need a writer who can read and understand the technical volume requirements of the RFP, outline your technical response, interview your subject matter experts (SMEs), and develop concise, valid proposal text. You need an author who can write proposal text that fits your page limits, answers the mail, and engages and convinces selection board members.

When you hire me for proposal development and writing, I become part of your proposal team. Depending on your process and specific needs, I can help with any or all of the following.

  1. Outline representative task order (RTO) response(s)
  2. Identify SME needs
  3. Interview your SMEs
  4. Author draft RTO response(s)
  5. Develop RTO graphics with your graphic artist
  6. Lead basis of estimate (BOE) development
  7. Author draft BOE section
  8. For larger efforts, lead technical team through internal review process
  9. Implement review comments from your team, SMEs, and color review panels

Whether you hire me to author your technical volume or not, I can support your pre-proposal process and/or participate in your review panels.

  1. Support strategic assessment (strengths, win themes, discriminators, customer needs analysis, competition/threats, opportunities)
  2. Support capture management (schedule, budget, basis of estimate, risks & mitigations)
  3. Participate in review panels (Pink Team, Red Team, Gold Team)

As an author, principal investigator, co-investigator, instrument manager, or reviewer, I’ve supported proposals pursuing contracts and opportunities ranging from half a billion dollars to under $100,000, with periods of performance ranging from five years to a single year.

  • SpaceDOC (NASA/GRC, $95M, 3 years)
  • ESES-II (NASA/GSFC, $500M, 5 years)
  • SVAT (AFRL, $60M, 5 years)
  • MIST (NASA/GSFC, $250M, 5 years)
  • WESC-III (NASA/WFF, $50M, 5 years)
  • PESS (NASA/ARC $235M, 5 years)
  • SR&T/R&A (NASA, $15M/year program total)
  • Earth Venture II (NASA, $150M, 3 years)
  • ROSES 2010, Heliophysics Research, Geospace Science (NASA, $1M, 3 years)
  • SBIR Phase I ($75k, 1 year)

Whatever opportunity you’re pursuing, let’s discuss how I can help.

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