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About Knowledge Web, LLC

A Maryland LLC established in 2010, Knowledge Web supports its clients in proposal development responding to government RFPs, technical writing and editing, Instrument Management and Instrument Systems Engineering support for NASA projects, and instrument concept development. The basis of all I do is knowledge, professionalism, commitment to my clients’ success, and above all, ethical conduct.

Opher Ganel, Ph.D.

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Accomplished scientist (Experimental High Energy Physics), instrument designer, systems engineer, instrument manager, and technical writer/editor with over 27 years’ experience in cutting-edge science and technology in collider experiments, sub-orbital projects, nano-satellite and orbital observatory projects. Effective communicator, writer, and speaker, rendering complex issues accessible and compelling, including technical proposals, journal papers, white papers, articles, e-books, technical notes, and presentations. Successfully built and led multi-disciplinary teams. Provides highly effective interface between science and engineering teams, and between experts and their audience. Detail-oriented problem solver, able to rapidly master large amounts of material and synthesize into coherent picture. Brings wide experience to bear as review team member.


  • Science instrument design
  • Systems engineering
  • Interface between project science and engineering teams
  • Proposal development, authoring, editing, and reviewing
  • Technical, scientific, and other professional writing/editing
  • Project review and presentation development
  • Public presentation and speaking

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Why hire Knowledge Web?

Opher Ganel brings to bear over 27 years experience ranging from theoretical physics to experimental physics, from instrument management to systems engineering, and from capture management and writing science proposals to authoring, editing and reviewing engineering service contract proposals, technical reports, notes, and presentations. Dr. Ganel has worked as a member and leader of teams of scientists, students, engineers, technicians, artists, and managers from around the world on four continents. His unfailing commitment is always to the success of the team, without undue concern to who gets personal credit. As a team leader, Dr. Ganel’s philosophy is that praise should be made public, while corrections are best handled one-on-one with the relevant individual.

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