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Services Overview

Proposal Development

When you decide to pursue a government engineering service contract, you’re going up against strong competitors, and have to make sure your proposal stands out. You may decide to use mostly your internal team, assemble a team of individual proposal development experts, hire a turn-key proposal shop, or some combination of these. Whichever option you choose, my extensive technical background and technical volume authoring expertise can help.

If you’re developing a much smaller proposal, in pursuit of e.g. a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) or Small business Technology TRansfer (STTR), I can bring technical proposal authoring expertise few if any of your competitors have, and make your proposal truly shine.

If you already have a great proposal team, I can support your color review process, and help turn your great proposal into an outstanding one.

Corporate Writing, Editing, and Ghostwriting

White papers, case studies, blog posts, op-eds, articles, all these and more can help position you and make your brand stand out. Memos, letters, and reports help keep your team informed and aligned. Working with you and your team to capture relevant information, I can create engaging and compelling writings for your internal and external communication and marketing needs.

Do you have a draft report, article, or book you need polished, or even heavily rewritten? Do you want a transcript of a panel discussion or lecture turned into an e-book? Do you have a body of research and bullet points you want fleshed out into a report? I can take your existing materials, capture additional relevant additional information in a conversation or by email, and produce a polished, finished product for you. In all cases, the ideas and expertise are yours, so you take credit for the written product.

Academic Writing

Are your research skills off-the-charts great, but writing just isn’t one of your strong suits? That makes it difficult to get your papers accepted for publication. It also makes it harder to get your research grant proposals selected for funding. Since the ideas and research are all yours, there’s nothing wrong with getting help polishing your writing.

With decades experience in academia, having participated in many successful research grant proposals, and having co-authored dozens of journal papers, I can help make your drafts submission-ready.

Other Services

Do you need help developing an instrument concept; defining success criteria,; defining and flowing down requirements; devising a test and verification plan; or defining trade studies including options and metrics? Do you have teams of scientists, engineers, and technicians who can’t seem to communicate effectively with each other?

Take advantage of my decades of experience in physics research, instrument management, and instrument systems engineering. I’ve worked with international teams spanning five continents, with multi-disciplinary teams, and with teams combining personnel from academia, industry, and government. My work experience includes high-energy particle experiments, test beams, detector R&D, instrument concept development, instrument calibration, sub-orbital, and orbital experiments. No matter what your current challenge is, chances are, I’ve run across something relevant that can help.

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